THE SAND GARDEN, by Thom Nairn. Post existentialist surrealist poetry. Thom Nairn was born in Perthshire in 1955. His poetry and criticism has appeared widely in magazines and anthologies and has been recorded for broadcast on both radio and television. He was co-editor of Cencrastus and is associate editor with Understanding magazine. He has been writer in residence with Ross and Cromarty District Council and was the writing fellow with East and Midlothian District Councils. His poetry is abrasive, absurd and cut through with a dark humour.

ISBN: 095 2234106 Price: £4.99 + 50 pp. (68 p.)

BROKEN ANGELS, by Susanna Roxman. An award winning collection, it received the Lund’s kommums kulturstipendien award, a major award in Sweden. Her work ranges through the deeply sensitive to the cynically harsh in a finely structured balance. Susanna Roxman lectures at Lund University and is an art critic. She has published three collections of poetry written in Swedish but this is her first collection written in English. (Supported by the Scandinavian Arts Foundation)

ISBN: 095 22 341 14 Price: £4.50 +50 p. (85 pp.)

AND HERE’S WHAT YOU COULD HAVE WON, by Paul Hullah. This is Hullah’s first full collection of poetry, he currently lives and works in Japan. Sounds once described him as: ‘‘A silver-tongued devil – journalist, academic and all-round lush”, very accurate. You’ll find everything from love to anger here. Iris Murdoch commented that his work held an: ‘‘Enchantment that touches me deeply”.

ISBN: 09 99522341 22 Price: £4.99 + 50 p. (65 p.)

THE STONE MOON by D. Zervanou. Zervanou’s poetry has been widely published throughout Europe and beyond in diverse magazines and anthologies, but STONE MOON is her first collection. Her work is philosophically orientated and she openly acknowledges her debt to Japanese and Ancient Greek (Sappho, Praxilla, Anyte, etc…) poetry, notably her work, primarily in short haiku-esque forms, has been enthusiastically commended in Sweden and America. These poems are oblique, surreal yet often tender and penetrating. D. Zervanou has taught philosophy at Edinburgh University and is currently an editor.

ISBN: 0 9522 341 30 Price: £4.99 + 50 p. (65 pp.)

POEMS, by Tim Cloudsley. Cloudsley lives in Glasgow though he’s something of an itinerant, having lived / stayed in Sudan, Germany, Afghanistan, the U. S., Mexico, Italy, Peru and Greece, to name more than a few. His travels and his experiences pervade his poetry. He can find beauty in squalor and vice versa moving on into the almost mystical. He has studied and lectured in areas such as cosmology and myth in society while his literary inclinations range from Dante to Neruda. An intriguing amalgam reflected in his poetry.

ISBN: 0 9522 341 57 Price: £4.99 + 50 p. (80 pp.)

TECHNIQUE, by Gavin Bowd. Gavin Bowd’s poetry, fiction, translations and articles have been published in diverse places in many countries though this is his first full length collection of poems. His work ranges from the direct to the mystifying…the latter often the most intriguing and engrossing. Tessa Ransford (Lines Review) has described Bowd as: ‘‘…one of Scotland’s most interesting and gifted poets”.

ISBN: 0 9522 341 65 Price: £5.50 + 50 p. (101 pp.)

THE LOUISIANA MOLEGRIP, by Keith Bennett. Keith Bennett has been reading / performing his poetry throughout the land for many years now and is welcomed wherever he goes. Matthew Sweeny once observed that ‘‘Keith Bennett could read the telephone directory and make it sound like a great poem.” His work is full of humour, mystery and often the bizarre. This collection amply illustrates that he’s as compelling on the page as he is on the stage.

ISBN: 0 9522 341 65 Price: £4.99 + 50 p. (83 pp.)

POEMS FOR BONNIE AND JOSIE, by Thom Nairn. This new collection from Thom Nairn was originally suggested by Paul Eluard’s statement: “I have a hundred ways of declaring nothing”, mixed up with reading a lot of Wallace Stevens. Nairn decided he could find two hundred ways “of declaring nothing”. There is much to declare here, ranging through the sinister, the absurd to sex and love and all the spaces in between.

ISBN: 095223419X Price: £5.50 + 50p.

THE COMPLETE POEMS OF GEORGE VAFOPOULOS, award winning poet, translated by Thom Nairn and D. Zervanou. The book has received the 1st award for the best translationfor the year 1999. ” George Vafopoulos has long been regarded in Greece as a poet as powerful and influential as, for instance, Cavafy, Elytis and Yannis Ritsos. His work however has been neglected in ‘‘the English speaking world” through lack of comprehensive translation. This volume (360 p.) we hope will redress that balance and draw closer attention to his work. In many ways the book is a guided tour through the evolution of 20th century Greek poetry ranging through early work drawing on mythology, deeply personal experience and immaculate poetic structure, on to a deep involvement in modernist innovation (and the Post-modern – if the division exists see particularly the work from The Floor). The book concludes gently and perceptively on the life led and the work achieved.

ISBN: 09522 341 4 9 Price: £9.50 + £1 (369 pp.)

UNDERSTANDING MAGAZINE (1-11), poems, short stories, plays, reviews, articles.

ISSN: 0956-430

Price: £5.50 + 83 pp. per issue.

Subscription £11 (for two issues + £3.05 pp. for overseas.)

POEMS, by Klitos Kyrou. Translated by Thom Nairn and D. Zervanou. His poetry is imagistic, oblique, succinct and mysterious. (Supported by the Greek Arts Council)



ISBN: 09552 341 73 Price:£5.50 + 50 p.

SAILING THE SANDS, by James Andrew. James Andrews’ poetry defies definition, dealing with and confronting experiences from Turkey to Canada to Egypt as well as issues a bit closer to ‘‘home”. This book is wide ranging in both style and content as well as location. (Supported by the Scottish Arts Council).


ISBN: 1903171024 Price: £5.50 + 50 p.

THE FEEBLE LIES OF ORESTES CHALKIOPOULOS, by Andreas Mitsou, award winning writer (National and Academy award from Greece), translated by Thom Nairn and D. Zervanou. Mitsou’s novel could be described as a postmodern domestic tale of mystery and intrigue, at times (maybe) recalling Marquez or Kundera… but these are only a couple of clues to a book which is vicious, touching and disturbing, usually simultaneously. (Supported by the E. E. C.)

ISBN: 1 903171008 Price: £6.55 + 50 p. (Approx. 200 pp.)

LET ME SING MY SONG, by Paul Hullah. ‘‘Hullah’s poems are very direct and moving. And they possess a shapeliness and clarity that other poets today might envy. Their beauty is as enigmatic as it is straightforward” John Bailey.


ISBN: 1903171016 Price: £5.50 + 50 p.

<!–[if gte vml 1]> <![endif]–><!–[if gte vml 1]> <![endif]–>BOY AND BAGGAGE, by Robert Leach, an original collection. (Supported by the Scottish Arts Council).



ISBN: 1 903171 03 2 Price: £5.50 + 50 p.

ARCHITECTURE OF THE INTIMATE SPACES, A SIMPLE METHOD OF THREE, by Alexander Stamatis, two unique collections. Highly original poetry, rich in metaphor and symbolism. (Supported by the E.E.C)


ISBN: 1 903171 05 9 Price: £6.50 +50 p.

CONVERSATIONS BEFORE THE END OF TIME, by David Grubb, poetry collection at once esoteric and stubbornly realistic. (Supported by SAC).



ISBN: 1 903171 04 0 Price: £5.50 + 50 p.

THE ROYAL TOWN OF THE BALCONY, EARTH AND AGAIN, ISBN: 1 1903171-06-7, £6.50, PALE ALMOST WHITE, SLEEPLESS IN THE SKIES, ISBN: 1 903171-09-1, £6.50, by Athina Papadaki, surrealistic, imagistic poetry, combining everyday imagery and philosophical thinking. (Supported by the EEC)


NAVIGATION FOR INNOCENTS, by Stuart Campbell, collection in English and Scots, allusive, rich in metaphor, abstract and polemical poetry. (Supported by the SAC).



ISBN: 1 903171-07-05 Price: £5.50

PSYCHOSTASIA, by Byron Leodaris. Leodaris is an award winning poet (1st National Academy award from Greece). Leodaris writes with powerful conviction of the evils of war and that people must aspire to build a better world. Leodaris is a philosophic poet concentrating on socio-political issues, as well as intense personal experiences. Alexis Stamatis stated, that he is the finest living Greek poet. (Supported by the EU)


ISBN: 1-903171-14-8 Price: £6.50 +£1pp (197p.)

ON THE SALTY EARTH – FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH, by Byron Leodaris, award winning poet, his themes in these books are often biblical while remaining highly pertinent to the contemporary world. (Supported by the EEC).



ISBN: 1-903-171-13-X price: £6.50 (148 p.)

LIKE WORDS – THE BODY WITHOUT A PASSKEY, by Zefi Daraki, who is widely recognised as an impressive contemporary poet. She is the poet of parallel monologues, of solitude, of absurdity, of the unsaid, she works in the domain of feelings and pinpoints ‘‘love” as a driving force in life, which redeems. Love leads to freedom. Her world is the world of dreams, of the unattainable – and of fear. (Supported by the EEC).

ISBN: 1-903171-12-1 Price: £6.50. (61pp.)

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THE SECRET BURIAL OF ELEONORA TILSEN-15 OCTOBER 1960, by Nikos Davvetas, one of Greece’s most accomplished poets, his poetry is fine, sensitive, utilising themes from the holocaust, every day life. (Supported by the EEC).


ISBN: 1-903171-10-5. Price: £6.50 (108pp)

THE DENSE NOW, by Alexis Stamatis, one of the finest Greek poets of his generation, his poetry can be obscure, philosophical, abstract, imagistic, rich in metaphor, (winner of the Vrettakou award), his books have been translated in most European languages. (Supported by the EEC).


ISBN: 1-903171-11-3 Price: £6.50

THE STREET, by Claire Angelidou, a Cypriot writer. She has published seven collections of poetry. In 1991 she was elected Minister of Culture and Education in Cyprus. The Street is a vivid autobiographical account of her early years in Cyprus before the Turkish invasion of 1974. (Sup by the ministry of culture in Greece).


ISBN: 1-903171-15-6 Price: £5.60


POEMS FOR BONNIE AND JOSIE, by Thom Nairn, translated into Greek by D. Zervanou. Thom Nairn is a highly respected poet, his poems show a love of nature, the city and the mind. They are philosophical, absurd, rich in metaphor. (Supported by the EEC)



ISBN: 1 903171-08-3 Price: 10.40 euros

HOLD HANDS AMONG THE ATOMS – DEMON, by Edwin Morgan, translated into Greek by D. Zervanou and Thom Nairn, Edwin Morgan is the poet laureate of Glasgow, and indisputably the greatest living Scottish poet. (Supported by the EEC),




ISBN: 1903171164 Price: 10.40 euros (109 pp.)

CHAGALL TAKES A FALL, by Thom Nairn. In Cencrastus, Dennis O’Donnell highly recommended Thom Nairn’s work. In this collection he ventures into regions formerly unexplored. (Supported by the Scottish Arts Council).



ISBN: 978-1-903171-18-9 Price: £6.50+£1 postage.



Heavy and wide as silence.

The mirrors interface slyly,

Walls clear with light,

A dream of dawn

Swept clean.

In city parks

Leaves shuffle up to the brush,

Itself dead wood.

Death on death

Makes the rush of a living sea.

Animal eyes and touch,

Slow steps wandering:

So many things are just a long walk

Around so much motion,


When traffic moves like slush,

Snow around an anvil’s neck,

Cities are just lizards,

Can’t shake off their tails.

Autumn comes down as a shell

And trees go out like lights.

In a night without landscape

Dreaming of driven moons,

Chasing lost rooms and lives

That have become something different,

Something warm and wild

In a different constellation.

RATTLE SNAKE ROAD, by Tom Bryan. It’s a carefully crafted collection, a stepping stone in his unrelenting progress. (Supported by the Scottish Arts Council).



ISBN: 978-1-903171-17-2 Price:£6.50+£1 postage.

IMAGINING SEALS, by Susanna Roxman. In Chapman, Sarah Bryant says: “…she is full of wisdom and perceptive observation…”

In Understanding magazine Charlie Orr says: “…a deeply thoughtful writer…” (Supported by the Scottish Arts Council).

ISBN: 978-1-903171-19-6 Price: £6.50+£1 postage.

SOUR CREAM by Robert Leach. In Cencrastus, Dennis O’Donnell wrote: “It’s just superb… It’s a long time since I got so enthused over a new collection…” (Supported by the Scottish Arts Council).



ISBN: 978-1-903171-20-2 Price: £6.50+£1 postage.

THE OTHERS, by Natasha Hadjidaki. The OTHERS is a unique territory, it is at once striking and illusive. It bears no comparison to any other poet and is a starting reminder of just why poetry is so important. (Supported by the European Commission).


ISBN: 978- 1 903171-21-9 Price: £6.50+£1 postage.

THE INDECIPHERABLE COLOURS OF THE END, by Manolis Pratikakis. Manolis is a Cretan whose work is vivid, perceptive and often verges on what might be termed neo-realistic. Perhaps what is most distinctive in these poems is the clarity of his perception and precision in his utilisation of imagery and concisely compressed themes. (Sup by EU).


ISBN: 978-1-903171-23-3 Price:£6.50+£1 postage.

TOWARDS THE WEST OR THE WOUNDED ANGEL, by Evangelia Papachristou-Panou. Evangelia has published innumerable collections of poetry in her native Greece. This collection moves violently from the subjective to the objective. She conjures and delves into arcane and elusive waves of consciousness. (Supported by the European commission).


ISBN: 978 1-903171-54-0 Price: £6.50+£1 postage.

VISIT TO A SENILE OLD MAN, by Kostas Mavroudis. This collection almost defies definition, it could be categorised as a post-modernist novel or more succinctly a sustained prose poem. The work can move through moments of calm reflection and intense flashes of emotion. His style bears a remarkable similarity to Rimbaud’s. (Supported by the European Commission).

ISBN: 978 1-903171-22-6

Price: £6.50+£1 postage

THE SHREW SORCERESS AND THE BOGOMILS, by Kostas Valetas. His publications are innumerable ranging through short stories, novels and plays. K. Valetas can encapsulate a character or a scenario with the minimum effort. His stories stay in your mind and give possibilities for speculation. (Supported by the European Commission).

ISBN: 978 1-903171-26-4

Price:£ 6.50+£1 postage.

SKIES OF SAND, by D.Smith , poetry collection. “Form and Image are the natural weapons of D. Smith, her pictures are beautiful and dangerous”, writes Catherine Nicolopoulou in the magazine Greece in Print.. Richard Ball writes in the Pembroke magazine Vol 32 ofthe University of North Carolina “It is possible that this style of writing of compressed phraseology will be the mainstream practice of the next century.” “The poems are very tightly written, deeply philosophical pieces”, Richard Ball.

ISBN: 978-1-903171-25-7 . Price: £6.50.


We have no bags

and no tickets

in buses with no conductors

and the bus stops are full

D. Smith


I threw the cards down

“It was enough I had to go”

My mother came, picked them up

Off the floor and looked at me

With blame in her look

Like someone returning after years

With the same expression.

D. Smith


For you, I was your darling

Your little girl

Then you started misreading me

You placed me

on this uncomfordable seat

And I am still there…

D. Smith

SADNESS BURNS OUR SHADOWS, Zefi Daraki, who is widely recognised as an impressive contemporary poet. Her world is the world of dreams, of the unattainable – and of fear. (Supported by the EC). ISBN:978-1-903171-43-9. Price:£9.50.

TTheThe TheTThelThe only trutho


WE’RE NEVER ALONE, by Alexis Stamatis. one of the finest Greek poets of his generation, his poetry can be obscure, philosophical, abstract, imagistic, rich in metaphor, (winner of the Vrettakou award), his books have been translated in most European languages. (Supported by the EU).

ISBN: 978 -1-903171-32-5.

Price: £9.50.


I am content that in order to build a life

I had to break it

thirsty but still thriving in my sentence –

held in low esteem

with this oppression dragging me down

I am content to have saved

the last burning drop to soak me deep inside

a blind companion leading me


to the word and to sorrow

I am content that

– even this late –

I have lifted the veil

– invented painted –

and I – alive

saw how life seems stripped bare

Now that I stretch my profits in time

a squirrel from another continent

– like those of Dickinson –

moves its tail gracefully saying:

“Let the dogs bark

the caravan is passing”


in my small desert

another creature

also poetic

lies by me

and whispers tenderly

“You were lost when I loved you

but now I am winning you”.

Alexis Stamatis

THE STONE OPERATION, by Stuart Campbell, collection in English and Scots, allusive, rich in metaphor, abstract and polemical poetry. (Supported by the SAC).

ISBN: 978 1-903171-35-6

Price: £9.50.


UNTIL, BY Byron Leodaris is a poet much concerned with moral values and urges poets “to leave behind a radiant skeleton, so that the coming children may have cause to sing” Kimon Friar writes that in his early poetry he tries to convince himself that “his hope of life, this hope of love, cannot be healed by any death”,”that tomorrow will shine with humanity”.

Leodaris writes with powerful conviction of the evils of war and that people must aspire to build a better world.

Leodaris received the Greek National Prize for his poetry. (Sup by EU).

ISBN: 978-1-903171-33-2 ₤9.50

Why did you call me and why did I return

It was good I was leaving and that worldly affairs led me to the door

             bearing no malice

all I didn’t want to do I did

all I didn’t want to become I became

My attachments have been detached from whatever I was attaced to but

             still they accompany me

Why did you call me and why did I return

like a tear which repented and never ran

Why do I now have to move backwards through all this desertion

an old poet persecuted by his verses

and no longer known to my past once more entering relationships with whatever happened

Connecting with what? Searching for what?

What invisible depth

what mythical youth?

After an accomplished destiny another destiny

after the fullness of time another time?

This is no longer a disturbance of the spirit

My material world was disrupted

and will find no rest in the centuries to come

Byron Leodaris

PRECIOUS OBLIVION, by Anthony Fostieris, translated by D. Zervanou and Thom Nairn. A. Fostieris has published many volumes of poetry. His work has been  translated from Paris to Buenos Aires. This is the first translation of Precious Oblivion into English, this collection received the Greek state award for poetry. (Sup by EU).

ISBN: 978 1 903171 31 8


Now you really don’t remember

What square means,

What coffee is.

The key in the keyhole

At three o’clock in the morning.

What night means.

They were never sweet

But like sugar

in a sip of water

The words melted.

It didn’t even take

three seconds.

Let alone three years.

Anthony Fostieris


MIRRORS, by D. Zervanou, a collection of plays. The plays gathered here have all been performed in Edinburgh and have received widespread critical recognition.

ISBN: 978 1 903171 41 7


THE GRAND GUEST HOUSE, by Manolis Pratikakis, a collection of poetry translated by Thom Nairn and D. Zervanou. (Supported by EU). Manolis Pratikakis has received the Greek  state award for his poetry His scenarios encompass surgical dialogue, speculation, scenes from the streets in Athens and on to explore the works of Paul Klee and each in his own distinctive style.

ISBN: 978 1 903171 28 8


HERDS OF DINOSAURS (and other prehistoric creatures) rush

towards Hiera Street and Lamia to escape. They leave on their days off

and over the holidays. What an invitation to join the missing;

what passion for a cursed escape. The famous city empties (read, “gas-chamber”).

From scaly glass windows (folding in the Darwinian way) we see

them as they set off on picnics, to country houses or to their small home towns.

They leave in search of distraction. They smile like those who have escaped asphyxiation.

(Despite all that, beneath the boot the trunks of exhaust fumes bark).

They leave as soon as they have relieved their hands of the press from their last day.

They escape as if they were excursionists. But, by the time the

travellers reach their yards the invisible monsters (invisible because

their optical field is so accustomed to them) have already destroyed them.

Strange! Without resistance and without any trace of any struggle. The

monsters drug Trojan horses from rock-caves (all with such a

historic veneer; like galvanised domestic animals).

All as if long prepared for sacrifice. Most notably, like

collaborators in a self-service charnel-house.

All of this takes place soundlessly and with tact in a cheerful,

genocidal ambience (as if they’re united by the bonds of mutual catastrophe).

Soundlessly and with tact they are taken, out there in the country, to be digested.

They are taken to insouciant places and trampled down.

But afterwards, they place their idols in the same position,

the travellers return (as renowned effigies – as apparently perfect as

any of those at Madame Tussaud’s in rainy London.)

Ah! How quickly the festivities ended. How easily the dead can be fooled

by bagpipes and transistors! All planning new excursions to the haunted houses

of their birth places. Where relatives receive them (clearly) with wariness. Thinking as they embrace:

“Damn! These people seem like strangers, are they possessed by demons?”

And the rotten windows give off an empty laughter.

WATER, by Manolis Pratikakis, collection of poetry, translated by Thom Nairn and D. Zervanou. (Sup by EU). This collection received the Greek state award for poetry in 2003.

The critic Anne Katsiyianni has written: “In this collection WATER M. Pratikakis embraces the philosophy of Empedocles and tries to poetically represent the cycles of change. He places emphasis on the marriage of the perishable and imperishable, changeable and unchangeable, the timely and untimely…”.

ISBN: 978 1 903171 27 1, ₤9.50


It spreads in all directions. It has no front or back, no left

or right. Circle; loop, deficient sphere. Its circularity

creates instant horizons. Loops in the dust of meanings.

Like a diaphanous spider it has faces and limbs

everywhere. It is all directions and interpretations at once.

Not one after the other but in chorus: “all at the same time”.

In short, it is found in ceaseless experiment. In a

continuous trial. In a comic festival of naked, dancing,

boys. (It tries – moving backwards – to persuade us that it

crawls on its shiny knees). Don’t you think it has something

of unimaginable lightness in the complacence of  its simple

mind?  Something akin to damage in its watery ballbearings?

Like an insane explosion escaping form in that

crazed, cold festival?

But see it now: it is contorted in concentric circles,

follwing the rules of geometry faithfully. It is the

unfailing eye of the spirit-level. Hidden in the grass,

whispering invisible. Quail or snake? At other times it

enters through imperceptible entrances, through heavy

walls, through unassailable city walls, and leaves its

shadow on the plaster.

Sinister. It stresses that somewhere near there Demon lies

in wait.

Manolis Pratikakis

BEYOND HISTORY, by Kyriakos Charalabides, poetry collection, translated by Thom Nairn and D. Zervanou. (Sup by EU). K. Charalambides is a highly distinguished poet. He is a recipient of numerous literary awards, such as the Greek National prize for poetry for his collection BEYOND HISTORY, as well as the Athens academy prize and the State prize for poetry in Cyprus. His work is broad-based and embraces a wide range of metaphor, image and subject as well as historical reference all of which are exemplified in the present collection. (Sup by EU).

ISBN: 978 1 903171 30 1 ₤9.50 s


Holding the divine laws

in his quiver

with the branch of an olive tree plucked

from the deathbed of history,

the enemy waits at the gates,

luxury attracts punishment

(no word as far as repentance  is concerned).

Careful: evil it seems is not crafted by hand.

In order to proscribe godless actions

the godless must be proscribed.

in order to proscribe the godless

the place where it took place should never have existed.

A false dog guards a false fence.

Cyprus doesn’t exist; it has been abolished

as a place of tragedy.

(May 1993)



THE MIRROR OF THE SOUL, by Claire Angelidou, Cypriot poet, collection of poems. In this collection C. Angelidou expresses her bitterness about the Turkish invasion and the loss of her home city Ammohostos.

Here all around my town,

they unrolled the barbed wire

and bolted it firmly in place.

She watched them

in a strange way

with her blue eyes

in tears.

Only one swallow

greeted her.

A lizard dared to look at her


a cloud obscured the sun.

Why is the day so bright?

So much evil,

so much pain,

such fear.

such sorrow.

Why/ Asked

the Sun.

Why? Asked

the birds.

No Reply!


“Pebble” by Lis Lee, New Writing Scotland is always a treasure-trove of work by both established and new voices.” Poem of the week.

The Scotsman

“My Father Had One Eye”, surfaced slowly, from its deceptively simple, direct language, to become a rather astonishing conjunction of quiet rhyme, violent story and subtle tone-progression that culminated in the wonderfully angry image of the ending.”

“Genie and Metaphor”. “I really enjoyed the poems, particularly the way themes seem to flow from poem to poem.”

John Glenday

Lis Lee lives and writes in Kelso in the Scottish Borders. She was born in England of Anglo/Irish/Spanish descent but has lived in Scotland the ma-jority of her adult life. She has also lived on the Isle of Mull which contin-ues to influence her writing. Her work has been published in several Scot-tish literary magazines and anthologies. Lis Lee has appeared in New Writ-ing Scotland on three occasions. She was awarded a Scottish Arts Council New Writer’s Bursary in 2004. A small number of poems, “Genie and Metaphor”, were first published in Australia. They are included in her col-lection, Sob Sister, which was published by Selkirk Lapwing Press in 2005.

ISBN: 978-1-903171-39-4                     £ 9.50


They boiled water over an open fire

and yet when life and death

of St. Kilda is told again in a village hall,

the beautiful bleak islands are out of sight,

until a kettle lead powers the projector

and jagged rocks are flung against a wall,

smoothing out desperate three-D lives.

Lis Lee


Thom Nairn was born in Perthshire. He has published three previous collections of poetry and many works of translation. His collections of poetry are: The Sand Garden, Poems For Bonnie And Josie, and Chagall Takes A – Fall
Sky Burial , this new fourth collection focuses on the familiar as much as the unfamiliar, usually in unsettling and suspiciously, precariously ambivalent ways. Not exactly places no one’s ever been before (may be) but with different eyes and means of interpreting what is perceived or imagined or made … or possible … what is generally accepted as “reality” is inaccurate and not to be trusted. Evolution has altered our vision to make survival easier. Nairn is not entirely happy about that. Too much is filtered out, obscured from us. For him, that is exasperating. What you see is not What you’ve got. Paradoxically, often what is widely accepted as reality can be riddled and raddled absurd and dangerous. Some books should (and some do) carry a health warning.
ISBN: 978-1-903171-40-0                     £6.50


She sits next to me

Like it’s 20 miles away

Her flickering hands

Play volley ball

With her voice

Masking fanning her lips

So her words reach

To distant walls

And echo

Back and around

Nowhere near me

She sits next to me

Twenty years away

So much space so fast

And I never was

Any good at games.

Thom Nairn


Born, Manitoba, Canada, 1950. Father Irish-Canadian, mother Scottish. Has published four collections of poetry: Wolfwind (Chapman, Edinburgh, 1996) North East Passage (Scottish Cultural Press, Aberdeen, 1996). Rattlesnake Road (Dionysia Press, Edinburgh) as well as a smaller collection Redwing Summer, Lapwing Press, Selkirk. Has also published several short stories and had fiction broadcast on Radio Scotland, The World Service and BBC Radio 4. Short-listed for 1998 Macallan/Scotland on Sunday short story competition and included in that competition’s first- ever anthology.

His poetry and fiction has appeared in most of the leading Scottish literary journals, including New Writing Scotland and The Harper Collins! Flamingo short story anthology. Has been short-listed for major fiction competitions in Scotland, England and Ireland. Has also had work published in England, Canada and the USA.
Editor of Northwords 1992-97, and The Broken Fiddle, 1994-97. Has edited anthologies of fiction and poetry.
Writer-in-Residence for Aberdeenshire Council, 1994-97. Appointed first Writer-in-Residence for Scottish Borders, August 1998-2001, Founder and first editor of Borders literary magazine, The Eildon Tree. Has collaborated widely with other artists: painters, sculptors, dancers and musicians. Founder member of eclectic Borders band Wolfwind. Has toured a dramatic work called Fusion of Fables, centred on the life of Thomas the Rhymer. It was performed in Tula, Russia in September 2000, after touring the Borders and Highlands.
Qualified librarian but has worked variously as a steeplejack, house painter, salmon farmer, journalist and pottery worker. First novel, Wolfcicrw Chronicles, was published by 11:9 in Glasgow, in October 2000. Two Rivers Press in Reading, in December 2000, published a small collection of short stories, The Sons of Macomish. A non-fiction book about colourful Scots in North America Rich Man, Beggar Man, Indian
Chief— was published by Thistle Press in 1997. The National Museums of Scotland published Twa Tribes, a non-fiction book about Scots and Native Americans. First-ever Arts Development Officer for Caithness, based in Wick, 2002-2005. Brownsbank Writing Fellow 2005-2008. Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow for University of York, 2009-2011.
ISBN: 978-1-903171-38-7                      £9.50


Green hill protests

at this intrusion of red wagon, shiny black handle.

Three boys tresspass among lodgepole pines

and Osage orange.

Like Russian dolls they fit together,

think as one,

need to prove something

to a myopic town

forever unaware of severed handle,

buckled wheels and the hill

scarred by a broken trinity

Tom Bryan


IN DEFENCE OF PROTOZOANS proposes the necessity of questioning how to live in a post post-modern world. Stuart B Campbell contrasts ‘me generation’ values in relation to a deeper need for sensitivity to the tangible world and real (earth) time; his poetry suggests that how we relate to each other and our environment cannot be classified or contained by the categories required by technology.
“There are 56 poems in this collection, none of them slight, many of them richly beautiful, all of them successfully realised. The sources of their inspiration are wide-ranging: landscape, architecture, sculpture, history, myth, philosophy, human endeavour. But there is no sense here of ‘display’; but of the poet’s respect and awe, and of an immense empathy.
Stuart B Campbell says ‘I tend not to write autobiographical poems’. Nonetheless, his poems are hugely personal. They are intense accounts of his response to the complexity of what he encounters in the world. They engage the reader/listener and make a strong connection of experience.”

-Rhoda Michael

The Stone Operation

“I found the poems in this book intoxicating and exhilarating and I feel disinclined to go looking for comparisons or even trying to judge it against the rest of contemporary poetry. It has its own sounds, its own rhythms — its own voice.
We are given the opportunity to swim in the culture and heritage that Campbell has made his own, carried along by his hints, his turns of phrase, the way that he tells us what he tells us, until it is easy to believe that, yes, I too could swim in these currents. I wish I could, but I cannot, not without his assistance. His expert assistance.”
Angus Dunn (The Stone Operation)

ISBN: 978-1-903171-43-1                      £9.50


I speak for the protozoans of the Heliozoa

and all of that ilk. We are measured in microns

and in millions of millions. We shoal, swarm

mica refractions, flash micro-spectrums, switch

binary codes within the corpus; are one, act

as a single cell, as Eukaryote do, dividing and

re-collecting in free-fall associations, collate

in unrepeated serendipidies. We are a subkingdom;

in the void of the deep, create universes no less

awesome than the heavens and in each and every

cell our beauty is begotten from the unimaginable.

We live and die in real time, we are history

and the future; the rough rubble of monuments,

the breath of life; there is no end to our revolution.

S. Campbell


Annabelle Despard was born in Britain. She was educated in England and Norway and is bilingual. From 1976 to 2009 she was Associate Professor in British Studies at Agder University, Kristiansand.
Dressed In Water is her translation from Norwegian of a selection from her four published collections: Fisken tenker sitt, (Aschehoug 1995), Tyngdekraft, (Aschehoug 1997), Bolgende lang som America, (Aschehoug 2001), Danseskolen, (Cappelen 2005). The poem “Should You Die First” was diplayed on the London Underground in 2002, and is included in Being Human, (Bloodaxe 2011). Her prose work Pikeskolen will appear in 2011.
Annabelle Despard has worked as a translator and editor. She has written a number of text books for use in universities and colleges and has edited various collections of essays.
ISBN: 978-1-903171-37-0                     £9.50


Let me at least collect your smells

as specimens: your armpits, woolen sweater

fingers yellow from smoke. I’d need

to take an imprint of your foot

and make recordings of your laugh.

These archives I shall carry into exile;

My body a St Helena where ships no longer dock;

a rock in the ocean; an outpost where the wind howls

and polar bears beat down the door.

Annabelle Despard


The hoarse peacock cries of love

shred the space between the walls

The room is rectangular

love an anomaly

The books slide helplessly towards the floor

Look, the floorboards are cracking

the huge root rising,

Its back a crocodile’s

The weak flame of the bedside lamp

flares up in searing white

and the heat, the heat

makes me translucent as the sea

A. Despard


On Boy and Baggage:
… it’s just superb … It’s a long time since I got so enthused over a new collection. Subject matter, language, imagery, emotion — all show masterly touches.’ — Dennis O’Donnell, Cencrastus
On The Snake at Your Back (in Boy and Baggage):
‘What fine poems these are! … Here is a poet who has triumphantly brought off that most difficult of feats — to write poems for children which are neither condescending nor falsely childish, but poems in their own right which will give pleasure to all who read them, young and old alike. They will enrich their lives in the way that all true poetry does.’ — Albert Rowe
On In India:
`… the variety of language adopted (descriptive, purely lyrical and sometimes almost mystic) leaves the reader wondering what more you can ask from poetry.’ — Joao Henriques, Chapman
On Sour Cream:
‘Whit Leach is daein in the hale buik is darin. He risks a slaw gait at times in his poems as he treats experience lik atoms, braldcin thaim doon intae wee-er snatches o drama … at its filmic best, fu o impressionist images and weill-gethert soun. Whit’s conceived is brent-new.’ — Maureen Sangster, Lallans.
`… the macabre imagery of ‘Auschwitz Fantasia’ … compellingly horrid … devastating.’— Peter Day, Poetry Monthly
ISBN: 978-1-903171-42-4                     £9.50


All the storms of yesterday

Are blown out, a few black sticks

Drifted relics.

A solitary moorhen,

Red beak pulling, chucking

Like blood pulsing,

Makes for the margin,

The pale-washed brown reed shafts

And the overhanging fruit trees.

The boughs are bare,

Haws and chestnuts all stripped off

And done. The lake

Is still as sighing.

The moorhen chugs and bobs

Into the silent reeds, it’s gone

Into the arms of trees.

I crane my neck out, peer

Into its dreary hide

But can find no sign

Of it, no ripple or disturbance anywhere,

Just a vacancy

of still air.

R. Leach



This is Susanna Roxman’s third poetry collection published by Dionysia Press Ltd. The first, Broken Angels, received the Arts Award of the City of Lund. Susanna has contributed poetry to more than 60 magazines world-wide. They include Stand, Orbis, Understanding, Prairie Schooner (US), The Spoon River Poetry Review (US), The Fiddlehead (Canada), and Poetry Ireland Review. After some years as a secretary, a ballet teacher, and a fashion model, she studied English Literature at King’s College, London University, and later completed a PhD in Comparative Literature at Gothenburg University. Susanna is currently a freelance writer, poet and critic. [Susanna Roxman’s Imagining Seals, published by Dionysia Press, is a] remarkable collection . . . serious and informed by travel, history, the classical world and by her own experience. . . . crisp, clear, and wonderfully observed. . .  poignant . . . the reading and rereading are certainly enriching.

Lorna Sherry (Orbis)

I am enjoying Imagining Seals, particularly the sea/seal poems. . . . The collection of poetry looks very attractive. [The author] must be pleased with Dionysia.

Margaret Drabble

[Imagining Seals is a] wise, compelling, and richly evocative volume . . . unpredictable, pleasing, and original . . . [with] language and imagery that are equally striking and sonorous . . .  In Imagining Seals, Susanna Roxman’s luminous fourth volume of poems, she offers the reader an abundant array of lyrical and eloquent poems that honestly and insightfully explore our human condition . . . Acutely observed and beautifully rendered with great clarity, every poem in this superb collection unfolds yet another mystery or truth with urgency and grace.

Maurya Simon (Prairie Schooner) Professor of Creative Writing, University of California, Riverside

ISBN: 978-1-903171-44-8                                                          £7.50


THE IGNORANCE OF WATER by Kyriakos Charalambides

Kyriakos Charalambides was born in Cyprus in 1940.  He studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens. He published 12 books of poetry, two volumes of essays and translated Romanos the Melodist. His books The Vase With Designs (1973), Achaeans’ Shore (1977), Famagusta Reigning City (1982) were awarded the Cyprus State Prize for Poetry, Dome (1989), received the Athens Academy Prize and Meta-history (1995) received the Greek State Prize of Poetry.

He has also been awarded the Hellenic Society of Literary Translators’ Prize for his translations of three hymns by Romanos the Melodist (1997) and received the international Cavafy Award as well as the Costas and Eleni Ouranis Prize from the Athens Academy for his entire poetic oeuvre.

He is a corresponding member of the Academy of Athens.

Many of his books have been translated into English, French, German, Swedish, Bulgarian and Albanian.

In 2013 he received an honorary PhD from the University of Athens.

ISBN: 978-1-903171-45-5                                                          £15.50


THE VASE WITH DESIGNS by Kyriakos Charalambides

Kyriakos Charalambides was born in Cyprus in 1940.  He studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens. He published 12 books of poetry, two volumes of essays and translated Romanos the Melodist. His books The Vase With Designs (1973), Achaeans’ Shore (1977), Famagusta Reigning City (1982) were awarded the Cyprus State Prize for Poetry, Dome (1989), received the Athens Academy Prize and Meta-history (1995) received the Greek State Prize of Poetry.

He has also been awarded the Hellenic Society of Literary Translators’ Prize for his translations of three hymns by Romanos the Melodist (1997) and received the international Cavafy Award as well as the Costas and Eleni Ouranis Prize from the Athens Academy for his entire poetic oeuvre.

He is a corresponding member of the Academy of Athens.

Many of his books have been translated into English, French, German, Swedish, Bulgarian and Albanian.

In 2013 he received an honorary PhD from the University of Athens.

ISBN: 978-1-903171-46-2                                                          £15.50

Love Songs Cover Small


Robert Leach has been a notable presence in Scottish Literature. The author is heavily involved in activities in the Scottish Borders and this book tries to make links between Scottish culture and other cultures (India, Iraq etc.) The material here is extremely varied and of an extremely high standard.

R. Leach is a prize-winning poet who has been a founder member of the Birmingham Poetry Centre and the Borders Writers Forum. He has been writing and publishing poetry for forty years. “It’s just superb. It’s a long time since I got so enthused over a new collection by a writer, I don’t know. Subject matter, language, imagery, emotion – all show masterly touches. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed anything half so much. I find myself in moments of idleness picking it up and gloating over it” “Boy and Baggage” Cencrastus. “There is an underlying restlessness of spirit typifying his work…a true artist who paints with words, with remarkable empathy for his subject matter. Cadence and lyrical quality is superb … Here, then, is a well-established writer, one who readily communicates; a reflective poet; a poet with a voice”. Sour Cream, Quantum Leap.

ISBN: 978-1-903171-47-9                                                               £9.50

The Sculptor by Manolis Pratikakis


Manolis Pratikakis was born in Myrtos (Crete), a coastal village, on the Libyan sea. He lived there until he was eighteen, but he maintains close ties with his hometown. He is a psychiatrist, he received a PhD from the University of Athens and until recently he was Director of the Psychiatry Department of the Greek Red Cross Hospital. He has published eighteen poetry collections, two books of novellas and short stories, and two full length film scripts. He is a founding member of the Writers’ Society. His work has been translated into all mainstream European languages and many others. In 1999 he received an Award for Excellence for European literature for his collection: The Assumption and Resurrection of the Bodies of Dominikos, which was translated into three languages. In 2003 he received the State Award for Poetry for his collection: Water. In 2008 he received an award from the prestigious Scientists Association for both science and poetry. In 2012 he received the Athens Academy Award for his entire work.

The composer John Markopoulos created a CD using as a main theme six of Pratikakis’ poems from his collection Libido which he named Invisible Pulse. In 2001 the same composer created a symphony based on Pratikakis’ poetry entitled The Symphony of Healing which was performed with great success in the Music Palace of Athens (in the coming months it will be performed again and a CD will be created based on this symphony.)

Many of his poems have been set to music by: Kostas Stefanou (The Concert of Nature), Hara Paleologou (Waves of Light) and Pavlos Daskalakis who composes contemporary Cretian melodies.

ISBN: 978-1-903171-49-3                                                               £9.50



Thom Nairn (1955-2017) was born in Perthshire . He has published several collections of poetry (including The Sand Garden, Poems for Bonnie and Josie I, Chagall Takes a Fall and Sky Burial) as well as innumerable articles and reviews in many Scottish magazines and newspapers (not to mention much further afield). His collection Poems for Bonnie and Josie I, has been translated into Greek. He has co-edited various magazines including The Scottish Literary Journal (Review Supplement), Cencrastus and Understanding. He was the founding editor of Northwords. Working with Robert Crawford he co-edited  The Arts of Alasdair Gray, which was published by Edinburgh University Press in 1991. He translated more than 35 books of poetry in collaboration with D. Zervanou. Most significantly perhaps The Complete Poems of George Vafopoulos published by Dionysia Press in 1999, which won the 1999 award for the best translation of contemporary Greek literature by the Hellenic Society of Translators.

In this book Thom Nairn tried to chart his development as a writer from 1999 until late 2017. It’s a collection about every day experiences.

ISBN: 978-1-903171-48-6                                                             £7.50



Memory Horse by Lis Lee

Lis Lee lives and writes in Kelso in the Scottish Borders. She was born in England but has lived in Scotland most of her adult life. She was a trained journalist, having served an apprenticeship.

She lived on the Isle of Mull which continues to influence her writing. She was an active sailor and equestrian. Her work has been widely published in anthologies and literary magazines. She had poems appear in the Scotsman’s “Poem of the Week” and she was awarded a Scottish Arts Council New Writers Bursary in 2004. Her work includes the small collection “Genie and Metaphor” published in Australia, “Sob Sister” by Selkirk Lapwing Press in 2005 and “Vanilla Summer” Dionysia Press, 2011. Lis was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis in 2010 which has greatly inhibited her writing.

She is married and has three children and three grandchildren, ­­

“Her poetry is powerful and subtle. It skilfully combines mystery with clarity and passion with directness. Hers is one of Scotland’s most unique lyrical voices. Although Lis Lee’s voice has been halted by a cruel illness it has not been silenced. This collection is a tribute to human resilience.”

ISBN: 978-1-903171-50-9                                                             £9.50









POETRY COMPETITION organised by Dionysia Press, (Understanding magazine)

Entry fee: £1.50 per poem

Closing date: 30 December 2017

Send your entries to Dionysia press, 127, Milton Road West, Edinburgh EH15 1JG

Prize: £150 for the best poem


1 All entries must be original

2 Entries must be typed on A4 paper. The name and addresss of the author should be enclosed on a separate slip.

3. All participants will receive notification of the prize-winners

4. The decisions of the judges are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

5. The organisers reserve the right to change closing dates if submissions are insufficient or unsatisfactory.

6. The prize-winning poem will be published in Understanding magazine.


Thom Nairn

D. Zervanou

Susanna Roxman

Contact Telephone: 079 213 953 34

E-mail: d.smith195@btinternet.com

Submissions must be sent to: DIONYSIA PRESS LTD, 127, Milton Road West, Edinburgh EH15 1JG, UK

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