Rattlesnake Road by Tom Bryan, ISBN: 1903171172 £6.50. Canadian-Scottish writer, he is a narrator,his style is original.

Chagall Takes A Fall, by Thom Nairn ISBN:1903171180, £6.50. He ventures into regions formerly unexplored.

Imagining Seals, by Susanna Roxman. Original modernist collection. ISBN: 1903171199.

Sour Cream, by Robert Leach, superb collection with masterly touches. ISBN: 1903171202

SKIES OF SAND, by D. Zervanou, poetry collection, “Form and image are the natural weapons of  D.Zervanou, her pictures are beautiful and dangerous”, writes Catherine Nicolopoulou, in the magazine “Greece in Print”Richard ball writes in Pembroke magazine Vol 32 of the University of North Carolina “It is possible that this style of writing of compressed phraseology will be the mainstream practice of the next century”.The poems are very tight written, deeply philosophical pieces, ISBN: 978 1 903171-25-7  Price £6.50

SADNESS BURNS OUR SHADOWS, by Zefi Daraki, who is widely recognised as an impressive contemporary poet. Her world is the world of dreams, of the unattainable and of fear.

(Sup: by EC), ISBN: 978 1 903171 43 9  Price: £9. 50

WE’RE NEVER ALONE, by Alexis Stamatis, one of the finest Greek poets of his generation, his poetry can be obscure, philosophical, abstract, imagistic, rich in metaphor. (Sup by EC) ISBN: 978 1 903171 32 5  Price: £9.50

THE STONE OPERATION, by Stuart Campbell, poetry collection, His poetry is allusive, rich in metaphor, abstact and polemical. (Sup: by the SAC). ISBN: 978 1 903171 35 6 Price: £9.50

UNTIL, by Byron Leodaris, Leodaris has received a National Academy award from Greece for his poetry He is a philosopher poet concentrating on socio-political issues as well as personal experiences. (Sup by EC) ISBN: 978 1 903171332 Price: £9.50

PRECIOUS OBLIVION, by Anthony Fostieris He has received a State Award from Greece for his poetry. His poetry is humurous and philosophical. ISBN: (978 1 903171318 Price: £9.50

THE INDECIPHERABLE COLOURS OF THE END, THE GRAND GUEST HOUSE, WATER, three poetry collections by Manolis Pratikakis, He has received the Greek State award for his poetry. His poetry is neo-realistic, philosophical, extremely original. ISBN:978 1 903171 23 3, Price £6.50, ISBN: 978 1 903171 28 8, Price: £9.50, ISBN: 978 1 903171 27 1 Price: £9.50

MIRRORS, by D. Zervanou, three plays, that have been performed in Edinburgh and have received widespead recognition.   ISBN: 978 1 903171 41 7 Price: £9.50

BEYOND HISTORY, META – HISTORY, by Kyriakos Charalambides, a highly distinguished Cypriot poet. He has received a State award and two Academy awards from Greece and Cyprus. He makes a lot of historical references in his work.  He is the most important Cypriot poet. There is currently discussion regarding Charalambides proposed nomination for the Nobel Prize in Literature. ISBN: 978 1 903171 30 1 Price: £9.50

THE RIDDLE OF MIDNIGHT, by V. Constantinos He received a Greek State ward for this collection He is also well known as a poet and a critical journalist.

ISBN: 978 1 903171 29 5 Price: £9.50

THE OTHERS, by Natasha Hadjidaki. The Others is a unique territory, it is at once stiking and illusive.

ISBN: 978 1 90 3171 21 9

Price: £6.50

TOWARDS THE WEST OR THE WOUNDED ANGEL, by Evangelia Papachristou-Panou. She a Christian poet. She delves into arcane and elusive waves of consciousness.

ISBN: 978 1 903171 54 0

Price: £6.50

VISIT TO A SENILE OLD MAN, by Kostas Mavroudis. It is a prose poem, highly original.

ISBN: 978 903171 22 6

Price: £6.50

THE SHREW SORCERESS AND THE BOGOMILS, by Kostas Valetas. He has received a State award in Greece. He was director of a radio station in Greece. His main interast is politics and morality. 

ISBN: 978 1 903171 26 4

Price: £6.50


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